Black velvet Pillow Covers



(20in x 20in)


5 reviews for Black velvet Pillow Covers

  1. Mark Young

    A very beautiful silver/gold and black combo, with black velvet on the back of the pillow the front of the pillow is a thick upscale fabric but not made of velvet does not at all feel like velvet. this pillow sham catches the light in the room shining back a gold and silver reflection. looks very expensive and what a bargain.great quality piece.

  2. Dennis Millan

    Love it! Amazing colors, amazing quality. Better than expected!

  3. Tana Bidaweez

    Perfect size, good quality, and looks just like the picture. It has 2 sides which was nice.

  4. Daniel Camilo Duque

    I like it!

  5. selestjen2015

    Great pillow covers! Very nice for the price!!

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